There’s A Penis Hidden In A Scene From ‘An American Tale: Fievel Goes West’

One of these days, someone is going to sit down and watch the entire Criterion Collection, or maybe just a few of the most beloved movies of all-time, and that person will examine each frame in order to discover some seriously depraved stuff hidden away in those classics. Years ago, movie editors and animators could get away with murder when working on films, because they didn’t have to worry about the technology that we have access to today. And a perfect example of this kind of depravity comes to us roughly 41-minutes into An American Tale: Fievel Goes West.

Video evidence has been on YouTube for almost three years, but at only 27,000+ views, the secret has still been somewhat safe. But now that Redditor “Akumies” has brought this specific frame to life, a lot more people are going to be talking about it. So what’s the big, honking deal? There’s a penis drawn next to Tanya Mousekewitz’s mouth while she’s singing “Dreams to Dream.” The things you learn about your childhood classics thanks to the Internet.

Now, in case you think that video clip was just an editing prank by “Buck Marinara,” here’s another clip of the entire song scene, and keep your eyes peeled at Tanya’s face around the 1:49 mark:

Here’s the frame in question, via Redditor “Akumies”:

If this is a prank, I’ll at least admit that it’s a pretty damn funny one.