This Bawston compilation is bettah than those othah queah ones.

In the past, a lawt of you quote-unquote readahs have sent me fackin’ links to various “mash-ups” that pahpaht ta make reference to owah faiyah city of Bawston.  But guess what, cawksuckah, YOU AH NAWT THE BAWSS A ME.  Yoah nawt my fawthah, yoah nawt my parole officah, and you ah most definitely nawt my caht-appointed psychologah from Southie, so I don’t gawta fackin’ do nothin’ you say.  If you don’t like it, you can go screw down to the fackin’ hahbah. GO, AND LEAVE MY OBVIOUS FACKIN’ SUPERIAWRITY IN YOAH REAHVIEW.

Irregahdless, it appeahs some jerk off has finally put togethah a hahd-working, blue-collah compilation of moments from Bawston movies that is worthy of owah sinceyah appreciation, and isn’t just a hastily-cawbbled togethah anthawlogy of questionable impahtince.  Finally, a salute to the real heroes of Sawx-town: Gloansy, Squeezbawx, Fitzy, Matt Damon, Boogah Lips O’Shea, Mahky Mahk, Jonesy’s Whowah Sistah, Casey Affleck, Christian Bale, Chris, Dahkie Chris, Wahlberg’s retahded brothah, that queah from the Hurt Lockah, Bitchtits McAllistah, Tawmmy, Wawp Tawmmy, Chris Coopah, Hawss Lips, Matt Damon, and of coahse, Matt Damon.  My only criticism is that the musical selection was nawt “Shippin’ Up to Bawston,” from the soundtrack of The Dapahted.  Oh, I’m sawrry, was that nawt on the jukebawx at yoah queah Hahvahd bah?  YOU DISRESPECT DRAWPKICK, CAWKSUCKAH? FACK YA MOTHAH!

Go Sawx.
[Language NSFW, if you’ve gawt queah eahs.]

[via ScreenJunkies]