This Bulldog Thinks He’s An Elephant, Obviously (Morning Links)

Oh, I’m sorry, is this video a little old? I don’t care. It’s about a dog that thinks he’s an elephant. It’s abou following your dreams. |BunnyFood|

Hey, remember “You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?” Well the guy who edited that for us, Jeff Smith, recently won second place in a remix context Edgar Wright put on. Check out his video! |Vimeo|

Your Nostalgia Is Killing You: The 30 Worst TV Theme Songs of All Time |UPROXX|

This Week’s Frotcast: Lindy West on Bronan, Burnsy on the gayest song. |Frotcast|

Planned Parenthood: 5 Jay-Z Songs About Becoming a Dad |Smoking Section|

The 8 Most Nauseating Disney Channel Shows of All Time |Warming Glow|

7 Monsterous Cthulhu Tattoos: The Evil Being Awakens Human Skin |Gamma Squad|

SUPPORT MATT UFFORD’S ANNUAL GET-NAKED-FOR-CHARITY EVENT. On the serious, he makes me wish I was a better person. |KissingSuzyKolber|

The real musicians behind fictional bands. |MentalFloss|

All your hurricane-coinciding UFO sighting videos, all in one place. |DogandPonyShowWebsite|

Your August 2011 fail compilation. |GorillaMask|

First-ever video of the rare African Golden Cat in the wild. |TheDailyWhat|

Jesus, Leanne Rimes’s boobs are farther apart than Amanda Seyfried’s eyes. |TheSuperficial|

Brad Pitt is your new celebrity hero! Whatever, he’s still no Baby Goose. |Videogum|

CNN’s “Five Questions to Ask Before Having Penis Surgery.” |HolyTaco|

Matthew Fox Punched a Lady in the vagina |FARK|

5 Petty Acts That Somehow Violated NCAA Rules |The Smoking Jacket|

Nine Awesome Animal Actors. |ScreenJunkies|

7 Bizarre Ancient Contraception Techniques |Buzzfeed|

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