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08.12.08 51 Comments

Actor Shelley Malil, best known for small parts in Budweiser commercials and The 40-Year-Old Virgin (he’s the younger, smoking guy, not the older "butthole pleasures" guy) stabbed his ex-girlfriend yesterday in San Marcos, north of San Diego.  Malil also has a larger part in Ping Pong Playa, an indie comedy opening next month.

Shelley Malil allegedly went to his ex’s home yesterday and stabbed her in her home near San Diego [San Marcos]. Authorities say he chased her inside and outside the house, stabbing her as many as 20 times. The victim’s two children were in the home at the time of the attack.

A neighbor jumped the attacker, but the man escaped. Malil was just arrested at an Amtrak station in San Diego [Oceanside]. [TMZ]

The victim is reportedly in critical condition but expected to survive.  And I bet she’s gonna be really pissed.  Meanwhile, he’ll probably be getting out of prison just in time for the kids to reach old-enough-to-beat-your-ass age. 

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