This dude won the costume contest

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11.04.11 3 Comments

I stared at this picture for like 10 minutes before I figured out what the hell was going on. |TheHighDefinite|

The NPH Venn Diagram |UPROXX|

Frotcast 72: Lindy West LIVE IN STUDIO! If you haven’t listened to a frotcast before, now would be a good time to start. |Film Drunk|

5 Reasons Most Studies About Violent Video Games are B.S. |Gamma Squad|

LeBron’s Mom Will Look Beautiful When She Meets Jesus Tonight |With Leather|

‘Top Chef: Dads’ Is Hilarious |Warming Glow|

Baby goats via

Famous MMA highlight-reel victims, Where Are They Now? |CagePotato|

This guy yells at 18 wheelers. It’s funny. |GorillaMask|

See, now that’s how you horse mask. |Videogum|

If Cormac McCarthy Wrote Yelp Reviews |Buzzfeed|

Judge orders Lindsay Lohan to finish her Playboy photo shoot before reporting to jail to begin her 30 day sentence |FARK|

7 Classic gangster movies remade with Juggalos. |ScreenJunkies|

Courtney Stodden is an alien from planet skank. |TheSuperficial|

The twisted history of Twister (the game, not the Helen Hunt movie). |MentalFloss|

15 funniest foreign translations of movie titles. |NextMovie|

Poor person thing I’d do even if I won the lottery. |HolyTaco|

5 Actors I Want to See Succeed No Matter How Much the Rest of the World’s Cynics Despise Them |Pajiba|

Mmm…Bucket of Bacon |The Daily What|

A Halo Sniper Rifle Replica Rendered in Legos |Unreality|

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