This Girl Really Loves Ashton Kutcher

Things are going just great for Ashton Kutcher right now, with the gossip rags reporting that he’s finally moving out of his mom’s house and getting a place of his own. He also may have slept with a random girl after Danny Masterson’s bachelor party (Vince was there) last month, and may even be the father of January Jones’ bastard child. Supposedly that’s enough to cost a guy his high-profile marriage. What happened to America?

Luckily for the “Two and a Half Men” star, his fans are still behind him all the way. In fact, a young girl in Brazil recently Tweeted that she absolutely loves Kutcher. How much does she love him? That’s her tattoo up there.

Kutcher’s fan from Brazil tweeted this picture of her latest ink to the Two and a Half Men star saying, “This is a way of expressing my love for @aplusk.”

So what does one superfamous actor say to such an extreme gesture? “All i can say is wow,” he tweets.

(Via E!)

If he Tweeted that, he deleted it, because I didn’t see it on his Twitter feed this morning, when I woke up and shouted, “I wonder what Ashton Kutcher is thinking!” (As I do). Of course, I can totally understand Kutcher’s eagerness to hide such a beautiful fan from his wife, what with their marriage on the rocks.

But this inspired me to get a tattoo of my own to send a special message to one of my favorite people…

What, your back tattoos aren’t also in comic sans?