This half-man, half-mosquito movie looks pretty good

After the jump, you can watch the trailer for Sucker, a film about a scientist who turns into a mosquito-like monster after a nuclear accident scrambles his DNA (actual tagline: “Payback’s an itch!”).  I won’t lie to you, this probably won’t make as much money as Fast Five.  Once I got over my anger that it wasn’t named “Mansquito”, however, I found that it does contain possibly my new favorite line from a movie trailer:

“If we’re gonna catch this guy, we gotta think like a mosquito!”

That then leads to, “What do mosquitos do after they feed?” “They mate!”, which in turn leads to what I believe is… dare I say it… artfully silhouetted, mosquito-man-on-woman cunnilingus. He’s half man, half mosquito, all pussy hound.  Eat your heart out, Twilight.  Eat something out, anyway.

[via Bloody-Disgusting]