This Lord Of The Rings-Themed Hobbit Hole Cat Litter Box Is Pretty Purrrfect

I’d never heard of Break’s “Super-Fan Builds” YouTube series before today, but as always, a Lord of the Rings litter box is a great way to get my attention (just as a side note: the builds of most of the superfans I’ve come across could generously be described as “pear-shaped”). Oddly enough, this isn’t even the first Hobbit Hole Litter Box Uproxx has covered, and I’m not even making a euphemism for your mom’s vag. In all honesty though, this litter box sh*ts on the last one we covered.

Master movie prop maker Tim Baker created this Hobbit Hole Litter Box and Sauron Scratching Post for “Tolkien Super-Fan” Misha Pollack, who clearly isn’t interested in disproving stereotypes. Using foam, adhesive, dried lichen, and elbow grease, Baker and his team created a verdant new outhouse for Pollack’s cats, Frodo and Sam, to poop and maybe do gay stuff in (not judging, but you never know with Sam and Frodo). And now Pollack has a couch-sized cat sh*tter to go with his small apartment’s glass cabinet filled with trinkets and sweet medallion. A happy ending.

The way I see it, the only drawback to a Hobbit-themed litter box is that the cats now take nine hours to get through a single sh*t.