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11.10.08 33 Comments

A while back FilmDrunkard Jared sent me to the IMDB page of Not Another Not Another Movie, presumably a spoof of those Seltzer-Freebird idiots.  With no other info to go on and a cast list that included Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds, Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, and Stuttering John, I assumed it was someone’s idea of a joke.  Not so, apparently.

Chase plays a studio head who quits his floundering company, leaving his ex-con sibling (Madsen) in charge. Soon their equally inept gangster friend (Jones) takes over and assigns a production assistant (David Leo Schultz) to direct a spoof of spoof movies. Reynolds plays an actor playing the director of the chaotic film within the film.

Writer-director David Murphy’s “Movie” features cameos from actors playing themselves spoofing their memorable roles, including Richard Tyson (the villian in “Kindergarten Cop”) and Wolfgang Bodison (the young African-American Marine on trial in “A Few Good Men”). Ellie Gerber, Tim Piper, Jennifer Sciole and James Duval also star. [THR]

…So it’s a spoof of spoof movies, about a guy making a spoof of spoof movies, starring actors spoofing themselves.  In the movie.  I think.  Michael Madsen was so confused by the idea that on the first day of filming he cut off Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ear and wrote a poem about it.

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