This Mash-Up Of The ‘My Girl’ Bee Scene And A Mentos Commercial Is Amazing

I don’t post a lot of recut movie mash-ups here (“OMG, it’s The Exorcist recut as a Happy Madison comedy, LOL!”) but this mash-up of the bee scene in 1991’s My Girl with the music from those old Mentos commercials is incredible. That this has only racked up 1,600 in almost a year and a half is criminal.

First of all, I don’t think I’ll ever not laugh at the idea of elaborate character deaths in tearjerker movies. I can’t ever see that red lipped, tow-headed little Macaulay Culkin angel get stung to death by bees and not think of a screenwriter somewhere pensively staring at his laptop over a coffee and cigarette typing “he gets stung to death by the bees. CUT TO: EXT. FUNERAL” and nodding in satisfaction. Seriously, slays me every time.

You add to that the Mentos theme song, which rivals only “Yakety Sax” and Smash Mouth’s “All Star” for music that makes everything hilarious, and the result is this magical, marshmallow puppy of a video. You’re a twisted son of a bitch, DanPiroz21. I think we park our cars in the same garage.

Oh, and don’t feel bad for Vada. Sad as she was about the bee kid, she grew up and eventually got a great job working for the vice president. And if I may say so, also has great boobs.