This Mom Completely Butchers The Story Of ‘Inception’ And It’s Pretty Great

Austin-based filmmaker Joe Nicolosi, AKA YouTuber “pixelspersecond” and the director of Hell No, hit the viral video jackpot last year with the video “The Matrix Retold by Mom.” The basic gist of the video was that his mom had never seen the classic Keanu Reeves action blockbuster The Matrix, so he watched it with her and then recorded her retelling the story of the film, and of course she hilariously got some things wrong while pondering the sexual preferences of “Leo.” Nicolosi’s mom is back in action today in “Inception Retold by Mom,” and she ultimately described Christopher Nolan’s film as “just so tedious.”

In Mom’s retelling of Inception, Matt Damon plays a character named Cob, or he works for a company called Cob or something like that, and he teams up with that girl who is good at mazes. Is it Amy Adams? Jennifer Lawrence? Nah, it’s not Jennifer Lawrence. Anyway, I pray that she does Big Trouble in Little China next.