Giant rats from space with lasers for eyes

The other day I posted a trailer from Cinefamily’s Holy F*cking Sh*t film series that featured a robot-zombie Jesus as a protagonist.  As part of my commitment to bringing you face-melting awesomeness on a daily basis, today I proudly feature another film from the same series, Rat Scratch FeverRat Scratch Fever tells of one of the most important issues affecting us today, the story of giant mutant rats from space with lasers for eyes.  (According to Scientology, those rats are actually Thetans).

I don’t want to get too “inside baseball” here, but I think a couple of those sets might have actually been miniatures.  I also like the part at the 1:28 mark where the guy yells, “GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF, YOUR BABY’S DEAD!”  Then she starts freaking out so he throws her down.  Like jeez, bitch, I just told you your baby’s dead, it’s no reason to start gettin all emotional.

Thanks to Rob at ToplessRobot for sending these over.