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01.06.10 69 Comments

Courtesy of Funny or Die, here’s the trailer for Tim Allen’s fake movie, Arbor Daze.  Tim Allen plays “Douglas Furr”, a regular guy who doesn’t care about trees and has a strained relationship with his son.  Then ONE DAY, he turns into a TREE.  Tagline: “Real dads never leaf.”  It’s a pretty successful parody, if you judge success by making me check IMDB to see if it was real.

Additional trivia: there are no less than 86 titles on IMDB that include the Days/Daze pun, including my favorite, a 1995 Hong Kong film called Mi Jian Fan, which is alternately known as “Daze Raper.”

Oh yeah, here’s the poster for Tim Allen’s next actual movie.  I bet all those people are thinking, “Hey, let us in!  We heard you were filming a terrible movie in here.”

[Thanks for Rob for the tip]

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