This Week in Crowd-Sourced Supercuts: Talking in Mirrors

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07.17.11 60 Comments

This is only the second installment, so it’s possible it hasn’t sunk in yet, but hopefully you remember our wonderful new feature, Oliver Says Cut Yourself, our crowd-sourced supercut feature, in which you, the FilmDrunkard, help our video editor, Oliver Noble, create a supercut by suggesting which scenes you think should be included. Oliver has written you a nice poem this week, but the gist of it is, this week’s topic is “movie characters talking in mirrors.” In any case, here is Oliver’s poem. Yes, he wrote a poem. I’m not sure if this means I’m beating him too much or not enough. How does that work, anyway? Do any of you have a gay son?

Reflections On a Muggy July Evening
A Poem by Oliver Noble

Oh, FilmDrunk Hive-Mind!
Your supercut suggestions have been sublime
For me you have done a great service
Saving hours of Internet research

Can do it again, my dears?
This time with actors talking in mirrors
Think Travolta in Pulp Fiction
When he promised to go home and self inflict friction [Editor’s note: I will punch him extra hard for this one]

Or De Nrio in Taxi Driver
“Are you talking to me” he inquires
I’ll even take ones from TV
If only to include the Curb where Larry smokes trees [my favorite episode ever].

There’s just a few examples
Good luck coming up with more,  a**holes my pupils
And for the sake of full disclosure and perspective
This idea came from commenter “Homo Erectus”

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