This Week In Posters: Brad Pitt, ‘Rogue One,’ And Amy Adams’ Elegant Nostrils

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10.24.16 34 Comments


This week in This Week In Movie Posters, we start off with probably this week’s most baffling offering. Up at the top there, there’s a quote from Kristy Puchko, “dangerously sexy.” A little cliché, but I get it, so far so good. And then there’s the two stars staring at us from bathroom mirrors — the small kind of mirrors, like for plucking your eyebrows or checking for genital warts. A little more weird, but fine, it’s a mirror theme. Only the mirrors are attached to… uh… what the hell is that? A double line from a highway? Two plastic straws really close together?

I realize those sound like terrible guesses, but there’s not a single possibility I can think of that makes any more sense. And the straw dealies are… coming out of a mountain? Like, mountain straws? A straw mountain with bathroom mirrors attached? Man, I’m so confused. If you understand this, let us know.

[all posters via Internet Movie Poster Awards]

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