This Week In Movie Posters: Mel Gibson Gets Grizzled, And Kevin Smith’s ‘Yoga Hosers’ Keep Hosing

06.06.16 3 years ago 37 Comments

I’m very excited to start this week’s This Week in Movie Posters with Blood Father, the movie where Mel Gibson plays a tattoo artist version of Liam Neeson. I know this because I already saw the trailer, I didn’t just glean all that from the poster. Though it is pretty cool that the bottom of the poster looks like a tramp stamp. Get it? “Blood father” is like a tattoo pun.

Being super grizzled really suits Mel Gibson. He sort of had that awkward phase between hot heartthrob and old badass, but I think he’s finally settled into leather-skinned ass kicker mode. And this looks like an absolute classic of the scared-daughter-on-the-phone genre.

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