This Week In Posters: ‘Life,’ Robot Fassbender, And We Play Guess The Wedding Comedy

Senior Editor
03.13.17 62 Comments

Well I’m back, guys, did you miss me? You don’t have to answer that. Moving on, this week’s This Week In Posters begins with the new grey-bearded incarnation of Arnie in Aftermath, standing resolutely in diagonal surrounded by airborne particles that nowadays denote non-stop action. (Remember: action movie poster = lots of particles of shit flying everywhere.) I’m not sure what the most intriguing part of this is. Is it the tagline (“All he had left was revenge”) juxtaposed above the flaming shell of an airplane? Hey, plane. Remember when I said I’d kill you last?

Or is it the text below that, telling me that this Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring revenge movie about a flaming plane was actually inspired a true story? Could go either way, really.

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