This Week In Posters: Divergent Vs. The Hunger Games, Plus, Zoolander 2

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11.16.15 29 Comments


Welcome back to This Week in Posters, the best movie posters feature on the Internet. This week, we start with a new poster for The Big Short. This one’s much less conceptual than the last one, which is to be expected when your movie stars Batman, Baby Goose, and Brad Pitt (and also, uh… Maxwell Smart?). Anyway, this looks like a case of “Who’s Acting Hardest?” I have to give the slight edge to Pitt, on account of being least recognizable here. This one’s fairly straightforward, so I hope the next poster includes a lengthy explanation of collateralized debt.



The more I see Alvin and the Chipmunks posters, the more I appreciate the Peanuts movie for not giving its characters those monstrous, glassy, dead eyes. Alvin is surfing, Theodore is terrified, and Simon is… bemused? And yet their eyes all look exactly the same. And who is that guy, Bargain Bin Joseph Gordon-Levitt? I tried to figure it out using the IMDb page and I still have no idea. Let’s call him Miles Gorden-Lever.

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