This Week In Movie Posters: A Whole Cumberbatch Of ‘Doctor Strange’

Senior Editor
10.03.16 40 Comments

This week in This Week In Movie Posters, there’s a whole new batch of Doctor Strange posters, Bad Santa 2, the new Jim Jarmusch, Fantastic Beasts, and all sorts of stuff. But we’re going to begin with this poster for Autumn Lights, because it’s just so fascinating. I mean, a guy? A girl with some bangs? People looking at blurry stuff? This one really has everything. Okay, you caught me, we started with Autumn Lights because the posters are in alphabetical order and it begins with A. If people had to buy movie tickets out of the Yellow Pages that would probably be a good marketing strategy. That must be what they were counting on here, that whole Yellow Pages crowd.

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