This Week In Posters: ‘The Dark Tower,’ ‘Detroit,’ ‘Kingsmen 2,’ And More

This week in This Week in Posters, we begin with The Birth of the Dragon, starring Phillip Ng as Bruce Lee. (I can’t believe I had to look that up.) This poster is a lot better, focusing our attention on his razor sharp cheekbones and chiseled jaw rather than the awful bowl cut like the last few. I like the font too. And the background illustrates our favorite new weird poster trend, sparks! That being said, does “Birth of the Dragon” sound a little too close to “Birth of a Nation” to you? Discuss.

The pull quotes make me think this is going to be very sexual — “ravishing,” “erotic,” “sensual,” “piercing.”

As for the rest of the poster… hmm. This seems to be an odd variant of the close-eyed headbutt. It’s somewhere between close-eyed headbutt (usually used to indicate yearning) and the cathartic moment next to a body of water. What should we call this? The Siamese Sky Ponder? The sky ponder seems to suggest sexual fulfillment.

This is a new poster for The Dark Tower that would make an even better deltoid tat. I also like that the crows look like they’re unbuttoning Idris Elba’s fly.

The art on these is undeniably cool, but would you believe that’s supposed to be Matthew McConaughey? Clearly it’s John Cusack.

This poster for Detroit makes it look like it’s about a prison riot. It isn’t, but aside from that it’s a nice poster. I find the symmetry of it very calming.

Other than the pointlessly mismatched faces/names, I’m loving these new Flatliners posters. They really nail that goofy schlock tone I’d want from a Flatliners remake. That said, I’m not sure why Nina Dobrev became the joker after death. Death really messes with your eyebrows, it seems.

Damn, I was really hoping the “random assortment of people looking bored shot from above” design trend would die after Now You See Me.