This Week In Posters: Dark Towers, Phallic Pistols, And Wonder Women

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05.23.17 37 Comments


This week in This Week in Posters, we begin with this first character landscape from American Assassin. It appears the Keatonnaissance may have hit its down slope and now he’s doing Taken movies. As for the poster, it does fall into the “action movie = debris flying everywhere on the poster” trope, but debris flying everywhere looks way better in front of a white backdrop with a clear source like this. Also I know there’s going to be lots of shooting because everyone has guns. I didn’t get that it was a gun sight down there at first though. I thought it might be a CD case or a coffee ring. I like the idea of the coffee ring. Michael Keaton as your old hard-workin’, blue collar assassin, just puttin’ on the hard hat and going off to kill people.

[All Posters via IMPA]


There are a few more character posters for American Assassin, but trust me when I say that Taylor Kitsch is by far the most famous of the rest of the actors featured. Also, I feel like titling anything “American ____” unironically these days is a tacit admission that you’re out of ideas. “What’s it about? An assassin? Okay, ‘American Assassin.’ Now, where are we getting lunch?”


It’s a tennis ball that’s a bomb, get it? I mean… I sort of get it. And why the folded look? The marquee lights font I get. And the yellow… I guess that’s a Little Miss Sunshine callback. Anyway, this is probably just the teaser poster, we’ll get plenty with the stars’ faces on them closer to release. By the way, I love Emma Stone, but does this seem like horrible casting to anyone else? She’s more believable as an Asian woman than as a professional athlete.

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