This Week In Movie Posters: ‘Dunkirk,’ Affleck, ‘The F8 Of The Furious,’ And More

12.13.16 2 years ago 54 Comments

This week in This Week in Posters, we begin with Christopher Nolan’s much anticipated WWII epic, Dunkirk. Just the other day, Frotcast Bret and I were talking about what a modern classic Interstellar would be with just a little editing. As Bret put it, “he shot the truck leaving his kids behind like the on-rocket footage.”

And now we have this poster, which makes the shores of Dunkirk (I mean, I assume) during the Dunkirk Evacuation look like giant wave planet. So yes, I am all for this one. I’m not sure we needed the stainless steel title font though. “Oh, you’re saying this war movie will have metal? Good to know.”

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