This Week In Posters: Maybe The Marketing Of ‘Passengers’ Was Part Of The Problem

01.03.17 2 years ago 40 Comments

Welcome back to This Week In Posters, for your very first installment of 2017. It’s early January, which means awards season is starting to peter out as prestige gives away to vampires and silly haircuts and stuff. But first! We’ve got Alec Baldwin playing a blind man falling in love with Demi Moore. “Unexpected” is right. This poster has that timeless look, the kind of movie you see in a Walgreens bin and wonder when it came out. 2017? 1987? 2004? It’s very mysterious. I bet this had to have been delayed a year or two before release.

(The worst part of this is that it stole a title from a really good Norwegian movie that probably no one will see.)

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