This Week In Posters: Have We Reached Peak Character Poster?

This week in This Week in Posters, the character posters have finally gotten out of control. It is my firm belief that not every character in every movie requires his or her own poster. Nonetheless I’ll do my best to shepherd you through them.

We begin this week with Acts of Vengeance, starring Antonio Banderas, which I’m going to go out on a limb and say is probably a revenge movie. I like that he’s standing in the middle of an actual fire. “He’s bringing hell with him” and whatnot. And with TWO GUNS! You know a guy’s serious when he has two guns. If he gets an itch above his eyebrow, what’s he going to scratch it with? Probably a gun. Related: why are the revenging men always wearing suits? Doesn’t anyone ever seek revenge in sweat pants and a Big Johnson shirt?

[all posters via IMPA]

It’s not the most visually fascinating poster I’ve ever seen, but I confess I’m a sucker for any doc poster that looks like a dossier. MMMmmmm, gimme them secrets!

First off, credit where credit’s due: thank you for lining up the names with the faces. That being said, I never understand the weird fuzzy focus posters where the characters are all smiling but looking in different places. What is this, an ’80s yearbook?

I also enjoy the font strategy where the “from the executive producer of…” gets tiny, lower-case font, and “SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK…” gets giant capitals.

Could that be because the executive producer is often just the guy who signed the checks? Anyway, so far the most intriguing thing about this is that trick car seat.

Christ, I think we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns on giant scary insect aliens. Whatever happened to nice green men with large eyes?