This Week In Posters: Liam Neeson’s Crotch And Daniel Day-Lewis’s Giant Head

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This week in This Week In Posters, we begin with All The Money In The World, Ridley Scott’s give-no-f*cks-I’ll-replace-you-a-month-before-release-if-I-have-to story of the Getty family, formerly starring Kevin Spacey, now replaced by Christopher Plummer. At first I thought Christopher Plummer was related to Charlie Plummer, and that maybe they just replaced Kevin Spacey with Charlie Plummer’s real father. But apparently they’re not related, so they just happened to replace Kevin Spacey with a guy who has the same last name as the kid who plays his son in the movie. Is that more or less of a weird coincidence? Maybe they did it for SEO purposes? For the record, Christopher Plummer’s only kid is Amanda Plummer, who played Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction. I’m glad we could all go on this journey together.


I love Kevin Spacey (AS AN ACTOR!), but I’m just going to say it: Christopher Plummer seems like a better casting choice anyway. Not many people can play “grouchy robber baron” like Christopher Plummer. This poster really brings out the grouchy rich guy in him. Are grouchy rich guys always depicted in front of fireplaces? This reminds me of the BigLebowskii from The Big Lebowski.

True story: I mainly knew of J. Paul Getty from an Aerosmith song before this.



Phew, okay, I’m collecting myself. I’m very sorry. I actually like Mark Wahlberg a lot as an actor. But I think part of the reason is that when glamorous Hollywood actors play the blue collar tacky folk actors love to play, it usually feels like a big game of dress up, whereas Mark Wahlberg is one of the few who seems right at home and plays those characters from experience. Conversely, when you give him a rich guy hair cut and a three-piece suit and fancy man glasses, it’s hilarious for some reason, like a dog wearing a hat. It reminds me of that picture of Kevin Connolly from Reach Me a few years back that destroys me every time I look at it:

Kevin Connolly in a scarf in Reach Me

Millenium Entertainment


Whoa, is that telephone smoking? You might want to let that cool down a little before making any more calls.

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