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11.19.08 29 Comments

Hey, remember that Brett Ratner commercial where he copied a scene from Risky Business with famous athletes and then explained the thought process behind it as if he’d just painted the Sistine Chapel?  Well, some kids took a different approach and actually came up with a new idea, recreating an entire Guitar Hero song in the real world and reimagining it as a bike obstacle course – all insanely faithful to the game.  As far as I can tell, the original source was YouTube user “madflux“.

In any case, pretty impressive.  If you’re keeping score at home, that’s Kids with Bike and Videocamera > Brett Ratner.  Similarly, Brett Ratner + Trannies = XOXO   3=====>  – – – – –  (_*_)

And yes, that was gay emoticon porn.  Also, the circumference of Brett Ratner equals the square of pie over nachos.

[via UniqueDaily]

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