Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie gets distributor

I first told you about Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie starring John C. Reilly when it was still in the just-a-rumor stage. Five minutes after that, a bunch of people sent me links to casting calls and other proof that it was real to confirm. I meant to post an update to tell you about it, but you know how it goes (*pantomimes glug, glug, glug*).  And now, I don’t have to write an update because there’s been an official announcement.  See? Drinking solves everything.

A quasi-spinoff of their popular television series “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”, the film’s plot finds the pair given a billion dollars to create their own film with complications rapidly ensuing.

With 2929 Productions, Gary Sanchez Productions (run by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy) is producing through its “Funny or Die Films” adjunct banner. GSP has produced such films as The Goods, The Foot Fist Way and the Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg cop comedy The Other Guys. [ComingSoon]

Tim and Eric posts tend to be some of my most polarizing.  People who don’t find them funny tend to want to hit them with hammers.  It’s understandable, they could probably be a little less weird-for-weird’s-sake. I tend to think their good stuff is really good, and when it doesn’t work it really bombs, but I see that as a necessary side effect of trying to do something weird, which is sort of the only way comedy can grow, and without that, it’s just everyone standing around doing Johnny Carson impressions.  And yes, I’ve spent entirely too much time discussing comedy with other comedians.  All I know is that the more John C. Reilly is involved, the more excited for this I get.  That man is a rumpled shar pei of comedic brilliance.