Mean Girls 2 Trailer Provides Amazing Tim Meadows Gif

Senior Editor
11.22.10 13 Comments

Here we have the trailer for Mean Girls 2, a direct-to-DVD sequel to Mean Girls. It will no doubt distinguish itself from the original, as evidenced by the fact that the first 20 seconds of the trailer consists solely of footage from the original.  I think Godfather Part II used that same strategy.  The only returning cast member so far as I can tell is Tim Meadows, who has apparently set himself up to be this franchise’s Eugene Levy. And you know what that means: Mo’ money! Mo’ money! Mo’ money, or at least free food from craft services. Also, I’m pretty sure this is a real drug:

Mmm, yes, very scientific.  To be fair, ipecac probably would’ve been over the heads of the target audience. 

And finally, the best part, the beating heart of this post. This Tim Meadows gif took a long time to make, but I think you’ll agree that it was totally worth it:

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