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10.05.07 38 Comments

The family of Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada, a 12-year-old Afghan boy who plays Hassan in the upcoming Kite Runner movie, say they fear reprisals over a scene in the movie that depicts the character’s rape.

"In Afghanistan, rape is not acceptable at all. This is against Afghan dignity. This is against Afghan culture," the boy’s father, Ahmad Jaan Mahmidzada, told The Associated Press.

He added, "Unless, of course, the rape-ee is a woman who has been forced to marry, in which case it is part of a balanced breakfast.  God is great!"  [via Variety]

UPDATE: The release date for the Kite Runner has been pushed back 6 weeks out of concern for the actors’ safety. 

"The Kite Runner," originally scheduled to come out Nov. 2, will now be released Dec. 14 while the three boys — Zekiria Ebrahimi, Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada and Ali Danish Bakhty Ari — are removed from Kabul. It’s feared that when the film is released, pirated DVDs could spread in Kabul, where those culturally offended could react violently to seeing such a rape scene. [Yahoo]

Sources say Afghani officials have been distributing video of the Daniel Pearl beheading in order to calm peoples’ nerves. 

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