Aubrey Plaza Learns How To Sex And Stuff In ‘The To-Do List’ Trailer

Originally titled The Hand Job, Maggie Carey’s since-renamed The To-Do List, due out next Valentine’s Day, is about a high school student played by Aubrey Plaza who decides to get off a lot before going off to college. If the recently released red-band trailer is any indication, her experience will come not from the hands or mind of Donald Glover (NBC comedy BFFs OMGZ), but from the tongue, which will most assuredly be followed by the sort of droll wisecrack we’ve come to expect from Plaza, non-cunnilgus division.

The rest of the cast is made up of a who’s who of Warming Glow-approved TV personalities, including Bill Hader (Carey’s husband), Alia Shawkat, Connie Britton, Scott Porter, Adam Pally, and most importantly, Rachel Bilson ( > Anna). Is there a shot of Bilson dancing in her bra with the door open, which is something attractive older sisters do all the time? You better believe it. Considering the movie takes place in the 1990s, it remains to be seen whether she’s gettin’ jiggy to the Spin Doctors or the Gin Blossoms. Stay tuned. Until then, here’s a GIF.