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07.21.08 23 Comments

Tobey Maguire will star in The Crusaders, a film not about righteously slaughtering Muslims, but rather the landmark 1954 supreme court decision Brown vs. Board of Education.  Seabiscuit-Pleasantville director Gary Ross will direct a script by Recount‘s Danny Strong.

Maguire would play Jack Greenberg, who, as an idealistic lawyer fresh out of law school, joined with NAACP Legal Defense Fund head and future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall to win a Supreme Court case that ruled segregation in American schools illegal. …The project [will be] based on Greenberg’s memoirs "Crusader in the Courts." [Variety]

The Supreme Court’s decision desegregated public schools, paving the way for an education system whose quality and egalitarianism even today are the envy of countries all over the former Yugoslavia.  In any case, I figure you have to be a pretty humble guy to name your memoir "Crusader in the Courts".  Coincidentally, the memoirs of yours truly will be hitting bookshelves any day now.  Keep a lookout for Rhinoceros on the Toilet, available wherever fine memoirs are sold.

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