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10.12.11 8 years ago 10 Comments

Here’s the trailer for Act of Valor, from 300 and Man of Steel co-writer Kurt Vonstad and directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh. It’s a Navy SEAL movie, but the twist is that it stars actual active-duty SEALs (don’t they have to be undercover or something?). It looks like a 90-minute military recruitment video, albeit a really pretty one. I just don’t understand why all military recruitment stuff has to have such crappy music. “Yasseaah, I’m a-emo underbite singin’ ’bout duty…”

Universal drops plan to release Tower Heist early on VOD. No joke, this plan involved offering Tower Heist on VOD for $60 three weeks after its theatrical opening, and it was only dropped when theater chains threatened not to show the movie.  I think the FBI should revive the plan, because anyone who’d pay $60 to watch a Brett Ratner movie should be on the watch list. |Variety|

Ben Stiller to star in Rentaghost. From the writers of Night at the Museum, “Stiller will play Fred Mumford, a fellow who, though a slacker in life, has become determined to make something of himself as a newly deceased ghost. He winds up setting up a afterlife temp service, getting ghosts to rent themselves out for use by the living.”  Hey, ghost, can you wank dismissively for me? Thanks. |ComingSoon|

Don Johnson in Tarantino’s Django Unchained. No word yet on what part he’ll play. I actually heard about this last week from a friend but didn’t post it because it was a secondhand rumor and I couldn’t confirm. That was stupid of me, clearly. I also heard he was talking about banging hookers with Costner on the set of Tin Cup, but that’s between you and me.|Variety|

New photo from the set of American Reunion (trailer hits tomorrow). Chris Klein wants to score coke so bad. “I. Am. Gonna. Walk. Through. The rain drops.” |via USA Today|

Robocop remake won’t use Darren Aronofsky’s script. Normally I’d say this is a bad thing, but since Jose Padilha from Elite Squad is directing, I’m happy with him using whatever script he damned well pleases. I’m fairly confident that no matter what happens, nary a fuck will be given. |Crave|

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