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07.17.09 31 Comments

Having previously been attached to “Man-Witch“, The Hangover/Old School director Todd Phillips has signed on to produce the even-punnier-sounding “Staycation” for WB.

Phillips hatched the concept and brought it to writers Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay [The Tuxedo]. The title gives a clue to the story, but Phillips and the studio would not divulge a logline, though sources said that, as with Phillips’ comedies like “The Hangover,” this will be a male-driven laffer. [Variety]

Oh, Variety.  The only publication that prides itself on misspelling-originated slang.  Let’s see, title as a clue to the story… I went on a gaycation once, but my priest helped me cure it with a praycation.  Sarah Jessica Parker prefers haycations, ehcations only happen in Canada, and a Michael Baycation is when you wrestle a wolf on top of a Ferrari.  He finds it very relaxing.  However, as this picture demonstrates, some Baycations can only be represented visually.

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