Together at last! Muppets and Danny Trejo.

05.26.11 8 years ago 13 Comments

Hot off the release of their “Being Green” teaser (a sort of fictional faux rom-com), the marketing team for The Muppets has just released a new teaser, focusing more on the actual muppets.  This one’s called “The Fuzzy Pack,” presumably a play on The Hangover‘s “Wolf Pack” campaign.  Once again, the producers have done a brilliant job combining things that I love, in this case, namely, muppets and Danny Trejo. Chingón, guey, it must be my lucky day. Although this role might be a stretch for Trejo.  He’s a solid actor, I’m just not sure he has the versatility to pull off “convict.”

“Mira, Frog, ju theenk you’re the only one who’s had a feest up hees culo? Welcome to prison ése.”

And here’s the Being Green teaser from the other day:

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