Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz win the Oscar for Candidness

Senior Editor
05.13.10 28 Comments

The studio just sent over this video of “Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz kicking back on the set of Knight & Day.”    It is pretty much what they say it is.  A totally candid, not-at-all-contrived video of Tom and Cam just hanging out, practicing some stunts, feelin’ the flow, havin’ a Bud; you know, the yooooouge.  “Kick the bag,” Tom tells Cam.  “Harder, pretend some gays are in there.”

And then Cam kicks Tom over the craft services table!  Haha! What a klutz!  My copy of Us Weekly was right, big Hollywood stars really ARE just like us!  They goof around on set and do lots of totally regular, totally not pointless and staged things with each other.  I’m definitely going to see this movie now.  If these two had any more chemistry they’d be my uncle’s meth lab.

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