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06.19.08 28 Comments

Today there’s an article in Slate about the side-by-side headshot comparison of Tom Cruise and Klaus von Stauffenberg which United Artists had released as part of the publicity push for Valkyrie.

Like most Slate articles, it’s about five times as long as it needs to be and sprinkled liberally with I-hope-I-sound-smart words.  But the gist is that UA (gasp) altered the original photo of Stauffenberg to make him look more like Tom Cruise.  You can see Slate’s side-by-side comparison photo above.  The original AP photo of Stauffenberg is on the left, the version of Stauffenberg used in the UA ad in the middle.  Clearly, the nose, eyebrows, cheekbones and width of the head have all been altered.  They have an overlay that shows the alterations even more clearly here.  It’s like everything I know has turned out to be a lie!  Please, Slate, let me go back in time and choose the blue pill!

FilmDrunk has learned that the photo of Tom Cruise was also doctored slightly, and has obtained a copy of the original.  In related news, I think a great name for a German pornstar would be Claus von Schtuppenberg.

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