“Tom Cruise runs a lot.” -Time Magazine

I made this picture. There’s just something timeless about juxtaposing embarrassing paparazzi candids with the ridiculously-stylized wallpapers foreigners make (is the idea here that Tom Cruise creates electricity, just like a wind farm? That is an amazing train of logic.).

Anyway, we’re here because Time Magazine created a supercut of Tom Cruise running. Yes, Time Magazine. They’re making supercuts now, apparently. This was sort of the obvious supercut that needed to be made, and I wondered why it hadn’t been, and then I remembered that it actually had. Gosh, this was a fun story, wasn’t it. In any case, it’s nice to see “Tom Cruise running a lot” updated for the 2011-almost-2012 crowd.

Here’s Time’s version.

And here’s one from a few years ago.

And here’s Tom Cruise Gets a Letter From His Australian Cousin, because this video never ceases to amuse me.