Tom Hanks And Ron Howard Will Start Filming Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ In April

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08.27.14 14 Comments

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Great news for people who like to flip through several hundred channels on random weekend afternoons only to settle for TNT’s monthly back-to-back airings of The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons, a third Dan Brown film is finally in the works. Sony Pictures has locked up deals with director Ron Howard and Robert Langdon himself, Tom Hanks, for Inferno to begin filming in April, according to Deadline, with a release date still unknown.

Of course, fans of the books will point out that The Lost Symbol is actually the third book, but this series was out of order from day one and Sony ain’t got time for finding symbols, damn it.

Instead, Langdon’s next film adventure will find him trying to stop someone from unleashing a terrible plague upon the world, as it will be connected to Dante’s Inferno, and all the while he’ll be recovering from amnesia. At least I think that’s the plot. I’m still staring at The Lost Symbol on my bookshelf while thinking, “Hm, maybe next week.” Inferno’s screenplay was written by David Koepp, who wrote Carlito’s Way and Jurassic Park, but most recently gave us Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Premium Rush, which might be one of the worst movies ever made about bike messengers or anything. He also wrote Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, so maybe check your expectations at the door.

But in Koepp’s defense, he also wrote Toy Soldiers, which is probably the best movie ever made about terrorists invading a boarding school.

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