BREAKING: Tom Hanks is Still Everyone’s Favorite

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09.12.13 14 Comments

TMZ broke the “news” yesterday that Tom Hanks had been among the selected jury for a domestic violence trial this week. Now, thanks to a friend of a friend, we have a first-hand account:

After spending four days on jury duty with the one and only Tom Hanks, I feel like it’s my job to tell everyone that he’s an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT! He’s living proof that fame does not always spoil character. It was his idea to take this picture with our juror certificates. I could honestly gush for hours, but I’ll spare everyone.

So yeah, it’s not exactly the moon landing, but everyone says the blogotubes exist only to tear celebrities down, so I feel somewhat obligated to make a thing about it when one does something cool, even if that cool thing is as simple as just not being an A-hole. And now you know why everyone seems to like Tom Hanks.

Though it does scare me a little bit that a guy this normal can still have a son who seems like cross between Mark Wahlberg, Channing Tatum, and Jamie Kennedy from Malibu’s Most Wanted (not that Chet Haze isn’t a wonderful person, in his way). Fame doesn’t always spoil character. Sometimes it just skips a generation and metastasizes into a club promoter or aspiring DJ.

[thanks to Eric Barry at FDPod for the tip]

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