Tom Hardy bought a cancer patient a diamond necklace

Tom Hardy is already rich and famous and muscular with kind eyes and soft pillowy lips, so it’d be nice if he could bean a waiter with a cell phone over warm gazpacho or run over a cripple kid in his Ferrari, just to give girls the impression that being with a super handsome guy isn’t all rose petals and foot massages. But nooo, he has to go on a date with girl battling cancer, just because. You’re not fooling anyone, Hardy, you hunky sack of British shit.

YOUNG mum Kayleigh Duff had a dream date with film star Tom Hardy during a break from her cancer treatment.

Oh Jesus Christ, she’s a single mother too? You know how much volunteer work I’m going to have to do now?

The 23-year-old spent yesterday in London with the film star, who appeared in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, as part of a surprise organised by her friend Katie Birch.

Meeting him was one of the items on a wish list she drew up after being diagnosed with the same rare and aggressive form of cancer that killed her father when she was just eight.

She appeared on ITV’s This Morning after the ‘wedding’ and Tom Hardy’s fiancee’s sister saw the item and contacted the show.

Kayleigh, of Wye Green, Herne Bay, said: “I nearly died when I saw him. I was shaking – I just thought we were having a day out in London.

“Tom’s fiancee Charlotte and Katie arranged it all without me knowing and he was so lovely and down to earth.

“We had lunch and tea and scones and he bought me a diamond necklace.”

The day out came during a break from Kayleigh’s treatment for the same rare and aggressive cancer that killed her father when she was just eight.

Her first course of chemotherapy made no difference to the tumours in her liver and she is due to start a different combination of chemo drugs in a few weeks.

But first she is jetting off to Florida for the holiday of a lifetime with son Kai – another item from her wish list, designed to make memories for Kai, two, and the rest of her family.

Many of the items are paid for by fundraising by her friends, and the next event is a photoshoot at the Abode hotel in Canterbury on Sunday, June 16. [CanterburyTimes, E!]

Nice friends you’ve got there, Kayleigh. Here’s to hoping you get some good news to go with the diamonds. (See how I avoided the obvious pearl necklace joke? Classy).

So, what do you guys think the age cut off is for the whole granting-wishes-for-the-terminally-ill thing? Because I’m hoping these asbestos cigarettes are going to catch up with me just in time to motorboat Eva Green, but I’m worried that no one grants wishes for 30-year-olds.