Tom Lawlor does Apollo Creed’s entrance from Rocky IV

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05.10.10 26 Comments

As many of you have probably noticed by now, I’m as much of an MMA dork as I am a movie dork.  One of my favorite fighters is Tom Lawlor, and this video is precisely why.  Aside from having one of the best nicknames in the business (“Filthy” Tom Lawlor), at UFC 113 on Saturday night, rather than coming out to some sh*tty rap-metal song like everyone else, Lawlor chose to recreate Apollo Creed’s entrance from Rocky IV, from the song, to the stars and stripes robe, all the way down to the dance moves.  Some people might say it’s a bad idea to pattern your entrance after a character who got killed in the ring, but those people are no-fun-having losers.  Tom Lawlor is awesome.  My only criticism is that he didn’t do it in blackface. To make it more authentic, you see.


[Same entrance from a different angle over at WatchKalibRun – UPDATE: Now they’re the same because Zuffa are dicks and took the one I had down]

Sadly, he went on to lose his fight to Joe Doerksen.  After hurting Doerksen in the first round, Lawlor went in for the kill but failed to finish and sort of punched himself out, and in the second round Doerkson caught him with a rear naked choke.  His previous stunts have involved him dressing like the “Just Bleed” guy at weigh ins (one of the most obscure callbacks ever), and coming in to “Who Let the Dogs Out” with Seth Petruzelli on a leash (video of that below). What this guy has to do to get on the televised portion of the pay-per-view, I have no idea.

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