Here’s The Amazing ‘Tommy Boy’ Easter Egg Joke That Has Taken Almost 20 Years For Anyone To Notice

I’ve seen Tommy Boy from beginning to end at least ten times. But I’ve watched the first twenty minutes before passing out roughly a hundred times (and they say you never don’t actually accomplish anything in college). The point of me telling you this is that my eyeballs have glanced over the scene where Tommy Callahan gets his D+ many, many, many times and never has it once crossed my mind to press pause on the grades list to take a look at the other names.

But twenty years later — thanks to one Redditor — we’re all finally aware of what you see if you do…

Poor, Helen Keller. History 201 was not her strong suit.

The easter egg is pretty good, but the really fascinating part (apart from the cruel and unusual way fictional Marquette posts exam grades) is how long it has taken anyone to pick up on this. A Google search, along with a quick quiz of the UPROXX family, has alerted me to the fact that pretty much no one else was aware of it. One guy tried to point it out a few years ago but the picture quality was so poor that it didn’t get much traction.

The 90s, VHS, and 20″ tube televisions are certainly to blame for the delay. And it’s kind of nice that it has taken this long. So let’s all celebrate like we just made a D+. Apparently they give a lot fewer of those than D-‘s.

Via r/Funny

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