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09.09.08 30 Comments

Pock-marked gravitas peddler Tommy Lee Jones is suing Paramount.  According to the suit, Jones took a lower up-front fee to do No Country for Old Men (which eventually grossed $160 million) in exchange for back-end compensation, of the kind I frequently provide your mom.

As part of his contract negotiations, Jones insisted he receive the same treatment as Scott Rudin, the movie’s producer, and Joel and Ethan Coen, the directors, producers and screenplay writers, under all of the terms of the contract, including the percentage of box office bonuses he would receive.

Overall, the lawsuit contends, Jones has been deprived of more than $10 million. In the suit, Jones requests an auditor be appointed to review the company’s books and records and determine how much he is actually owed. [San Antonio Express-News]

The suit was filed in a Bexar County, New Mexico court, which, if sweeping generalizations have taught me anything, is presided over by a judge who bangs his gavel on a dead armadillo and wears a hat made of dead rattlesnakes.

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