Tony Stark’s dad to be played by Chris Klein’s arch nemesis

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05.25.10 25 Comments

Though the news is everywhere now, it looks like it was Salon who first broke word (based on an interview with the actor himself) that handsome British guy Dominic Cooper would be playing the younger version of Howard Stark (Robert Downey Jr.’s Dad) in Captain America, which is partially set in World War II.  Cooper is probably best known for playing the part Chris Klein should’ve gotten in Mamma Mia, but was also in The Duchess, which I’ve heard is the second most popular dorm room blacklight poster behind Boondock Saints.

As anyone who’s seen Iron Man 2 should know, it seems that Tony Stark’s Dad Howard plays a crucial part in the expanding Marvel ‘verse. Plus, given that he was around during World War Two and involved in the creation of clandestine government agency S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s very unsurprising that he’ll pop up in Captain America: The First Avenger. We’ve seen him twice on screen already of course (played by Gerard Sanders in the first Iron Man, John Slattery in the second), but here we’ll see a younger version.
If he does nab the role, he’ll be joining Chris Evans (as Cap), Hugo Weaving (as the nefarious Red Skull) and Sebastian Stan (as Bucky – the totally straight sidekick) in Joe Johnston’s WW2-set comic movie. [TotalFilm]

I just hope he’s actually important to the Captain America story and isn’t like Captain America’s shield was in Iron Man 2.  Oh my gosh, look, it’s Captain America’s shield!  And he just had it lying around in his workshop!  This is so great.  Seeing references to future films gets me especially excited when they’re not relevant to the current scene in any way.

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