Top Chef Power Rankings, Week 9: Better Tasting Through Blindfolds

Senior Editor
01.27.17 27 Comments

This week on Top Chef, it was a week to celebrate taste buds and childhood traditions. That is, the contestants opened the week with a blind taste test, during which they were fed nasty stuff like raw clams. Which was nice, because I always wanted to watch chefs spit anchovy paste into a soup container — I have a very particular set of kinks. After that, they finished off the episode cooking meals based on childhood food memories. Which really made me wish Katsuji was still here, I’m curious what kind of childhood produces a kosher Mexican Japanese dandy, famous for his bow ties and 27-ingredient tamales.

The elimination challenge ended up being won by a lollipop, which actually makes a lot of sense when you realize it was being judged by the Lollipop Guild:

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