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Tada, it’s the trailer for Toy Story 3. Probably none of the creative team actually wanted to make a Toy Story 3, but then your mom probably doesn’t like blowing dudes on the corner either.  …Okay, bad example.  Point is, money.  Anyway, forced to come up with a plot, it seems Disney-Pixar stole a page from the Transformers 2 playbook, in that the story begins with the kid about to go off to college.  What are his old toys to do now that he no longer needs them?  But rather than crying or humping Megan Fox’s leg or perpetuating ugly racial stereotypes, the toys get sent off to a daycare center, where they get yanked and sucked and licked and fondled roughly against their will — pretty much like an evening at Roman Polanski’s house.  HEYO! Haha, good one, Jay.  So then, the toys decide to escape the daycare center, and yadda yadda yadda, Tim Allen becomes Mexican.  Trust me, it doesn’t seem nearly as racist as it did in person.

[Also available in HD at Yahoo]

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