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12.17.08 21 Comments

Here’s a video I will post with only the slightest provocation:

Tracy Morgan is set to star in Freshman Roommates, a film inspired by those Nigerian Scam emails.

“Freshman Roommates” asks the question what if one of the emails isn’t a scam. Story kicks off when a young man answers one such email during a drunken stupor. Soon thereafter, the spoiled son of a deposed African dictator (Morgan) shows up at his door, looking to secure his inheritance.

Hmm, “inspired by” aside, this sounds a lot like Coming to America.  But if Tracy Morgan was a Nigerian scammer, I’d probably send him all my money.  I just couldn’t resist lines like, Dearest one, Pleasse sennd cashier cheque, or else somebody gone get pregnant.  Yours in Christ, The Oo-Chow.

Unrelated but nonetheless true: One day I was walking by a barbershop in Spanish Harlem when for some reason, I stopped to look at the picture of all the different hairstyles they had in the window. I swear on my life, one of the hair models was Tracy Morgan.

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