The Trailer For '13 Sins' Also Asks How Far You'll Go For Some Cash

Back in December, we were treated to the really-messed-up-looking trailer for Cheap Thrills, which stars David Koechner and Sara Paxton as a couple that challenges a couple of down on their luck guys to a series of stunts that will earn them a ton of money in the process. Naturally, each stunt is more f*cked up than the next, and it begged us to answer the question: “How far will you go if the money’s right?” While some of us already answered that in college, Cheap Thrills looked like the perfect dark comedy/thriller to usher in an evening of egging the neighbor’s home and lighting oneself on fire.

In the new red band trailer for 13 Sins, which debuted at SXSW last Friday and hits On Demand this Friday, the challenge is similar for Mark Webber, who plays a down on his luck salesman $90K in debt and unable to provide for his fiancée. Except in this film, he has no clue who is pulling the strings or paying him the cash, as he’s burning down homes and sawing arms off, all while police detective Ron Perlman is hunting him down. Oh, and he may or may not be competing against a doppelganger who is far more sadistic than he is. We’re way beyond leaving an upper decker at your in-laws’ house in 13 Sins, folks.

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