I can’t stop laughing at the trailer for the Anna Nicole Lifetime movie

American Psycho is a classic, more because of Christian Bale’s performance than the filmmaking style (the tone was definitely a bit off from the novel), but even so, you wouldn’t expect that 13 years later, director Mary Harron would be making Lifetime originals. Brett Ratner, Tyler Perry, Adam Shankman, M. Night Shyamalan, Dennis Dugan – those are the kinds of guys I’d expect to be demoted to Lifetime.

In any case, American Psycho director Mary Harron directed a Lifetime movie about Anna Nicole Smith called “The Anna Nicole Story,” and it has about the amount of smeared mascara you’d expect from a Lifetime movie. Nonetheless, I’m posting it because I can’t stop laughing at this screencap:

This one’s pretty good too:

Poor Adam Goldberg.

“The Anna Nicole Story” also stars Cary Elwes, Adam Goldberg, Martin Landau and Virginia Madsen and debuts on Lifetime on June 29 and plays every Sunday afternoon until the end of eternity. [MTV]