TRAILER: This documentary about dancing dogs looks incredible

I know you’re probably wary about me talking up a documentary about dancing dogs, because just the idea of “a documentary about dancing dogs” sounds like someone snuck into my wheelhouse one night and stole everything. But personal biases aside, watch this trailer for Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story and tell me it isn’t the closest thing to a real-life Christopher Guest movie that you’ve ever seen. All it’s missing is Eugene Levy.

It opens on a giant embroidery of a border collie, and goes on to introduce us to handful of eccentric retirees and a slightly megalomaniacal-seeming figure skater turned theater director (!!), who has big plans for a Cirque Du Soleil-style stage production that would combine indoor kite flying, dancing dogs, and “a war between the Gods.” My God, the only thing that stopped Christopher Guest from making this already is that no one would’ve believed it.

Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story follows the journey of an amateur dog dancing troupe and an aspiring theatre director as they attempt to mount the first ever dog dancing and indoor kite flying theatrical performance.

I expect this version of Unleashed to be at least as good as the Jet Li/Bob Hoskins one. Especially if they get Fred Willard to narrate.

No release date yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Thanks to Stephen for the heads up.